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Fellow Artisans

Arava Designs collaborates with talented artisans in a number of different venues. Their works have been integrated into the collection of visionary artwork used in the live screen-printing process and they continually provide inspiration to Tobias in expression of his artwork. If you have work that you’d like us to consider adding to our live screen printing efforts, please e-mail Tobias at tobias@aravadesigns.com or visit our contact form here

Phillip Lewis www.phillewisart.com

Throughout Phil’s life, he’s felt a special connection with nature, and being outdoors inspires him to create. The amazing scenery in Colorado has certainly fueled this inspiration, and the surrounding landscapes appear frequently in his work. In addition to drawing the things he sees around him, he also likes to draw the things he comes up with on his own. To imagine is the most fun.

Ryan Johnson: www.artbyryanjohnson.com

Master of the digital stylus, Ryan Johnson specializes in immortalizing the world around him as it happens. He offers the gift of inspiration as he peers through the great visionary lens, and allows the future to pour through his hands. His art peeks into a forgotten past, blended with a future that might be. Never failing to capture the true essence of the moment in epic figures and dramatic tribal imagery. His humble demeanor and willingness to actively contribute have quickly made his work a symbol of the people he loves.

Pyrotechniq: www.pyrotechniq.org

Urban. Fire. Masters.
Pyrotechniq is a 9 member, Chicago, IL and Iowa-based, fully insured fire performance troupe. Regarded as the Midwest’s premier fire dancers with over 40 years combined experience, they perform locally and around the world.

Ellie Landsman

Danielle Rappaport